Live View

You can use the liveview feature to watch your horses train from anywhere you have internet access. Your jockeys need to be recording and have internet access also. The data transmitted and received is minimal, far less than browsing the web or facebook. There is no geographical limitation, your rider can be recording from Australia while you are sitting in the stands at the Ascot Racecourse in Great Britain. All your horses are transmitted while recording, so you will see them all at the same time.

Start viewing

The liveview stream will begin and any horses recording will then be displayed on screen.

The map view automatically resizes to fit all horses into the view.


Each horse has its own row with its own data displayed:


For each horse the following datapoints are displayed:

First row: 1. Horse name, followed by the name of the jockey

Second row of gauges: 1. Speed in km/hr 2. Heart rate (if you have a heart rate monitor on the girth) 3. Sectional time, seconds to the furlong

Third row of data: 1. Distance in meters 2. Total elapsed ride time 3. “Speak” button, press this to speak out the value configured in your settings, its exactly the same idea as a jockey listening to data, which allows you to listen to data while having your hands free around the stables.

Fourth row of data: 1. A graph showing speed and heart rate over time

If you navigate away from the liveview page and come back again, the graph data is not kept/updated.