Fetlock boots


Our motion sensing fetlock boots stream motion data to our app running on a jockeys phone.


As with all standard fetlock boots, they’re fitted as a pair, with the velcro straps to the outside.

The battery life is around 80 hours.

LED description

Each boot has a small led, used to signal various states:

  • Solid green, fully charged

  • Slow pulsing amber, charging

  • Solid blue, connected and ready to record

  • Flashing blue, recording


Plug in the supplied USB charging cable to a usb socket and then attach the other end to the boot that needs charging. It’s a magnetic fastening system so will orient itself the correct way.

Boots take about an hour or two to charge depending on the USB port you have plugged into.

Clean and maintain

If the boots become overly dirty, they can be hosed down and/or gently scrubbed (taking care around the LED, and charging port). They can be washed with a mild detergent (dish washing liquid). They are expected to become quite dirty over time, this will not affect the recording accuracy of the boots.