HR Girth


The StableForm HR girth is a standard high quality Girth with an integrated heart module for measuring heart rate while riding.

It is capable of recording heart rate at a sustained gallop due to being a part of the girth.

The heart rate module is a rechargable, removable device for ease of maintenance. It is water proof, but will not pickup heart rate under water.


  1. Gently pull back the fabric exposing the HR module snaplinks on the girth:

  1. Align one end of the hr module and press the module into the snaplink (you should hear a click, and feel that it is attached):

  1. Align the other end of the hr module and press it in

  2. Make sure the fabric is neatly covering the hr module:



You need to make sure your HR module is paired with our app on your phone, see the “Fetlock and heart rate devices” section on the Settings page for instructions on how to do this.

When fitting the girth to your horse, make sure to first wet the horses hair, water is the bare minimum, however water with a dash of dishwashing liquid is significantly better.

This allows us the heart rate module to pick up the heart rate before the horse sweats up enough to naturally allow heart rate pickup (which sometimes never happens in cold weather)

Battery life is approximately 30 hours

We find most users charge the HR module every 3-4 days, depending on workload.

LED Descripton

Stable form HR modules come with an inbuilt LED that signals the state of the HR module.

  • Red flash 3 times every 3 seconds, battery is low and needs a recharge.

  • Red and green flashing alternately, device is charging.

  • Solid green light, fully charged ready to use.

Clean and maintain

If the girth becomes overly dirty (salty due to sweat) a quick rinse is needed to ensure accurate heart rate measurement Be sure to remove the heart rate module from the girth before cleaning Do not wash the girth in a washing machine The heart rate module can be rinsed lightly with a cloth and mild detergent under luke warm water. Dry immediately Do not iron or bleach, or use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the girth or hr module.


When not in use (i.e. after each days riding work is done) unclip one sde of the HR module from the snap link and twist it to the side so it cannot make contact with the snaplink

This ensures the HR module does not think it is attached to a phantom horse and start attempting to transmit data. This will run the battery down, leaving you with out the battery level you expected the next day.

Do not leave the girths drapped over other girths or metal/damp surface with the hr module attached. The HR module will wake up and attempt to find a heart beat, which then drains the battery.